Wednesday, May 11, 2016


                     STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS - By Jackie  -  May 11, 2016

                                                                   Happy Spring !!!
I think every year we wait, and we wait and we wait some more for spring to arrive.  Then BINGO... spring arrives with a huge blast.  Then our lovely warm spring disappears without a trace for another few weeks.  While we love the first sightings of  Mr. Robin, or the tulips peeking up from under the frosty ground, wouldn't it be terrific if it lasted just a WEE bit longer?  The nice weather I mean of course.  So lets just enjoy it while it's here.

                            Yippee Skippee................the lake is open, we have grass, and some pansies.  

                                              Launch Day -----  The pontoon is in the water.  Hooray !!

STREETCORNER has been relatively busy lately with performances.    East Side, West Side, Downtown, Northern Suburbs......almost  "Going In Circles"  as our velvet voiced baritone Les Cunningham would say.  But, we wouldn't have it any other way. 

It's always fun to return to some of our favorite clubs and enthusiastic friends.  We performed recently at the Clarkston Eagles.  Good friends and Good Music.
Our "Rockin Robin" Bobby with Brenda and Mary.  They're great fans and we love to see them.

                                          Thanks Linda and Rich Lamphere for coming out.  You guys ROCK !!
                                              I think Jerry and Char danced the night away.  Love you guys.

The St. Clair Shores Moose is always one of our favorites.  There are just some places that you really feel comfortable and you also know that they absolutely love us.  Plus, "It's Too Late To Turn Back Now"  as Dan would say.

                                              Wow Dan.....Can you say Bam ?  Yes Les,  it's a Bam Shame !!

The Falcons asked us to play at their Spring Dance and -  Holy Rock & Roll did we smoke.

                                                           Holy Rock and Roll.....That's my hubby and I. 

STREETCORNER had a slight change in lineup for the Falcons Dance.  Our Filmel had another commitment and wasn't able to attend.  Since Joe Toth had previously been with STREETCORNER in the past, it was an obvious choice for him to stand in.  Gotta tell ya................he was awesome to say the least.

                        The night was flawless and we couldn't have been happier.  We were "Havin A Party"

For the 3rd. year in a row, Detroit Cristo Rey High School - Gems of Detroit - has invited STREETCORNER  to perform for their annual event.  The past 2 years it's been held at The Eastern Market Shed # 5.  The event itself is outstanding with most likely 1,500 guests in attendance.  There are food vendors from all over Detroit and live Auctions that have items donated from large and small establishments. 

                                                 We Rocked and We Rolled.  They loved STREETCORNER

                                             STREETCORNER with Bishop Don.   What an awesome man.

                                                                The one and only..........Filmel.

                                                                              Friends are the best !!

                                                                     Dan the Band and Dawn Kuchar

                                                                Our wonderful Les and his lovely Christie.

                                                  Joe Toth our video photographer.  Can't wait to see it Joe.

                               Bobby and Jackie  AKA  yours truly at home getting ready to leave for the evening.

                                                            How Sweet It Is.....the evening was perfect.
                                                 Hey Bobby,  Did I tell you that...."I Only Have Eyes For You"

Hey Friends,  watch our website for new and exciting upcoming events.  Be sure to check everything out on for all of the newest events that YOU might want to attend. 

Have I told you lately how lucky I am to be part of this fantastic group and to have friends like YOU?
                                                                    It's true,.....I am blessed.

Until next time.......As Les would say and it's true.....God Bless You,  I Love You...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

                                   STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS, BY JACKIE  ( Feb. 2, 2016 )

Holy Rock & Roll, who would have thought over 3 months has passed since I've updated my Blog?

Well,  I'm here to tell you that time flies by at warped speed and life continues to get better and better.
Bobby and I have been married one year now.  It seems that I was just writing about our upcoming trip to Hawaii for our wedding cruise.  Now, we are leaving for Jamaica for our one year anniversary.  Oh yes friends, is awesome.

STREETCORNER helped Atlas Real Estate with a Christmas party and believe me, they celebrated.
You can't even imagine how many people came up to me with praise and booking dates.

                               STREETCORNER singing some awesome Christmas favorites.

                                               Deck the Halls with Fun and Laughter

We also played at Sterling Retirement Community, for their annual Motown Party.
Let me tell you.................age has nothing to do with spirit, love and knowing how to party.

        As you see......Bobby can dance.  The folks at Sterling loved to party and participate.

                                               Sing it Filmel........those ladies love you !

       December 12, we played at one of our favorite places.....St. Clair Shores Moose for their
                                                                 Christmas Party.

     We Rocked and We Rolled to the tunes of STREETCORNER.  What a fun group of people.
We will be back at St. Clair Shores Moose again on March 26 and also April 30. So join us !

                                         It was really an awesome evening for everyone.

                          From Bobby & I, we hope your holidays were filled with love.

STREETCORNER will be playing at the Clarkston Eagles on February 13, 2016 for a special
Valentines Day Dance.  This is going to be fantastic.  Listen to's open to the public, and
there is no cover.  $0.00      If you would like dinner then there will be a $10 charge for dinner. 
That's it friends................We really hope that you join us for this very special evening.
I know that I'll be there with my special man............why not bring yours ?????
Address:   5640 Maybe Rd., Clarkston, Mi. 48346    We play from  7:30 - 11:30

                                      Happy (early) Valentines Day to you.  From Bobby & I


STREETCORNER will be playing at a Falcons Dance on April 9.  You don't want to miss this.
Fast Eddie will also be playing.  Tickets to be sold....$20 advance or  $25 at the door.
Call Paul...734 728 6210 for ticket information.
Pizza, Beer & Setups included....BYOB     is the forum of the evening.
Address:   VFW Post 7546  Pvt  Lyskawa Hall,  6828 Waverly, Dearborn Hts., Mi. 48127
(one block W. of Warren Rd )  8:00 - 12:00

Thank you for reading our newest and most up to date blog.  It is my hope that you continue to follow us and share your interest with your friends. 

We will be in touch again very soon.  If you have any comments, please let me know as I'm more than interested in what you have to say.

Until next time,
Love & Friendship,

Thursday, October 22, 2015


                   STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS  -  By Jackie  10/22/15

                                                  Hello friends of STREETCORNER
 I hope this blog finds you all happy, healthy, wise  and getting ready for another Michigan winter.  I don't know what Mother Nature has in store for us but I can tell you this......... .......
                                                     SUMMER WAS WONDERFUL 
 STREETCORNER was busy all summer long with festivals, library events, The Dream Cruise, and nightclubs.  It was hard to keep track of our schedule and everyone up to speed on where to be.

Ahhhhh, fall has arrived and along with it the smell of burning leaves and open fires.  Not to mention taking the boats out of the water and getting everything ready for that LONG winter.

                                                 Good bye pontoon.  Hello fall leaves.

Hello Mia......Prior to our next mentioned event I attended a Fund Raising Greyhound Event and had put together a "Marvelous Darling - Fashion Show Extravaganza"

This little darling is none other than our very own Mia.  She was one of the models that displayed the extraordinary fashionable attire.  Because I rushed from one event to the next, Mia also attended the
STREETCORNER gig.  There wasn't a pair of hands that didn't pet her and make over her.

September 13 we played for the Henry Ford Village Senior Living Complex.  They were so appreciative and enthusiastic, not to mention there were a few dancing queens as well.  It was truly a very rewarding experience.

On October 10 STREETCORNER played for the Jackson Moose Lodge #156.  Oh What A Night!
These people really know how to party and party and party.  We are looking forward to going back very soon.  I'll keep you posted on definite dates, so stay tuned.


                                                PARTYING WITH STREETCORNER



                                              EVERYBODY NEEDS A SHORT BREAK

                                     OUR CHEERING TEAM - CHRISTIE, JACKIE & JAN

Keep in touch with us and we'll keep you up to date on what's going on with STREETCORNER.

Jackie & Bob


Monday, August 17, 2015

STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS... By Jackie Aug. 18, 2015

                                            STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS... By Jackie

Our bookings only surpass the fun we have been having.  If Dream Cruise week lasted any longer I don't believe that any of us would still be standing.  It's been great !  It's been fun ! It's been HOT !

The long established and extremely popular Hunter House on Woodward Ave., in Birmingham asked us to play on Thursday, Aug. 13 as part of their Dream Cruise Week celebration.

Hot Cars...........Honks.......Squealing Tires.....Car Lovers.....Hot Rods......and Hot Weather !!!!!
Boy oh Boy, did we ever Rock.  We played all of the favorite Motown tunes and anything relative to Oldies But Goodies.  

Oh yes, we also ate their world famous sliders.  I can easily see why they have been in business for so many years.  It's always popular and crowded with anxious and hungry slider lovers.  Bob and I loved them.  We often stop on our way home from a gig at a White Castle for our slider fix during the wee hours of the night.   Sometimes we order more than we should but NEVER reheat them the next day.   UG................  It seems like such a good idea at the time, but after 3 we start regretting our decision.
  I know that I do, for sure.  It sounds so yummy at the time...............

Dan's family came for awhile along with their new foreign exchange student. 

                                     Oh No.....I think we have a photo bomber in our midst.

Saturday, August 15 we played for the Waterford Pontiac Elks Dream Cruise Party.  Wowie !!
Another performance of the Poodle Skirt and bobby sox.  I'm glad to be able to retire them for another year.  I have to admit that it gets a little toasty in the summer heat.  Yikes !!
"The Boy From New York City" wasn't there, but I think most of Waterford was.
Thanks Harlen Lantz and your members for making such a cool poster.
               Our great friends, Barb, Sarah and Art.  Thanks so much for coming. Love you guys..
                     Kristin Barlow (Bob's daughter & my Stepdaughter) with Paul Malinowski (her fiancĂ©)
                                                                and their friends.
There's nothing better than having our awesome friends come to support our group.

                                                My incredible husband Bobby Carroll.
                                            Thanks for making me so happy and loved.
        Also..........thank you for allowing me the honor of being part of this wonderful group.

Our STREETCORNER family came over yesterday for a summer party get together. It's so much fun just having us all together to enjoy each others company on a family basis.  Not business.
No music.   No singing.   No pressure.  Just food and fun.   Love you guys so much.
                                                            SHUCK AND JIVE
Dan and Dawn Kuchar and Bobby and I took the pontoon out later for some swimming and laughter.
Since I'm not a wonderful swimmer, my perfect idea is to float around on my noodle.
Yep, there we are.  THE BEST OF SUMMER TIME !!
Stay tuned.................we're off for a couple of weeks but I'll most definitely catch you up soon.
In the meantime .....have a wonderful rest of your summer. 
I so appreciate your friendship and continuing support. 
Please feel free to leave me messages or comments here and I will be more than happy to respond if you leave me some means of communication.
Love and Friendship,