Monday, August 17, 2015

STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS... By Jackie Aug. 18, 2015

                                            STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS... By Jackie

Our bookings only surpass the fun we have been having.  If Dream Cruise week lasted any longer I don't believe that any of us would still be standing.  It's been great !  It's been fun ! It's been HOT !

The long established and extremely popular Hunter House on Woodward Ave., in Birmingham asked us to play on Thursday, Aug. 13 as part of their Dream Cruise Week celebration.

Hot Cars...........Honks.......Squealing Tires.....Car Lovers.....Hot Rods......and Hot Weather !!!!!
Boy oh Boy, did we ever Rock.  We played all of the favorite Motown tunes and anything relative to Oldies But Goodies.  

Oh yes, we also ate their world famous sliders.  I can easily see why they have been in business for so many years.  It's always popular and crowded with anxious and hungry slider lovers.  Bob and I loved them.  We often stop on our way home from a gig at a White Castle for our slider fix during the wee hours of the night.   Sometimes we order more than we should but NEVER reheat them the next day.   UG................  It seems like such a good idea at the time, but after 3 we start regretting our decision.
  I know that I do, for sure.  It sounds so yummy at the time...............

Dan's family came for awhile along with their new foreign exchange student. 

                                     Oh No.....I think we have a photo bomber in our midst.

Saturday, August 15 we played for the Waterford Pontiac Elks Dream Cruise Party.  Wowie !!
Another performance of the Poodle Skirt and bobby sox.  I'm glad to be able to retire them for another year.  I have to admit that it gets a little toasty in the summer heat.  Yikes !!
"The Boy From New York City" wasn't there, but I think most of Waterford was.
Thanks Harlen Lantz and your members for making such a cool poster.
               Our great friends, Barb, Sarah and Art.  Thanks so much for coming. Love you guys..
                     Kristin Barlow (Bob's daughter & my Stepdaughter) with Paul Malinowski (her fiancĂ©)
                                                                and their friends.
There's nothing better than having our awesome friends come to support our group.

                                                My incredible husband Bobby Carroll.
                                            Thanks for making me so happy and loved.
        Also..........thank you for allowing me the honor of being part of this wonderful group.

Our STREETCORNER family came over yesterday for a summer party get together. It's so much fun just having us all together to enjoy each others company on a family basis.  Not business.
No music.   No singing.   No pressure.  Just food and fun.   Love you guys so much.
                                                            SHUCK AND JIVE
Dan and Dawn Kuchar and Bobby and I took the pontoon out later for some swimming and laughter.
Since I'm not a wonderful swimmer, my perfect idea is to float around on my noodle.
Yep, there we are.  THE BEST OF SUMMER TIME !!
Stay tuned.................we're off for a couple of weeks but I'll most definitely catch you up soon.
In the meantime .....have a wonderful rest of your summer. 
I so appreciate your friendship and continuing support. 
Please feel free to leave me messages or comments here and I will be more than happy to respond if you leave me some means of communication.
Love and Friendship,