Thursday, October 22, 2015


                   STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS  -  By Jackie  10/22/15

                                                  Hello friends of STREETCORNER
 I hope this blog finds you all happy, healthy, wise  and getting ready for another Michigan winter.  I don't know what Mother Nature has in store for us but I can tell you this......... .......
                                                     SUMMER WAS WONDERFUL 
 STREETCORNER was busy all summer long with festivals, library events, The Dream Cruise, and nightclubs.  It was hard to keep track of our schedule and everyone up to speed on where to be.

Ahhhhh, fall has arrived and along with it the smell of burning leaves and open fires.  Not to mention taking the boats out of the water and getting everything ready for that LONG winter.

                                                 Good bye pontoon.  Hello fall leaves.

Hello Mia......Prior to our next mentioned event I attended a Fund Raising Greyhound Event and had put together a "Marvelous Darling - Fashion Show Extravaganza"

This little darling is none other than our very own Mia.  She was one of the models that displayed the extraordinary fashionable attire.  Because I rushed from one event to the next, Mia also attended the
STREETCORNER gig.  There wasn't a pair of hands that didn't pet her and make over her.

September 13 we played for the Henry Ford Village Senior Living Complex.  They were so appreciative and enthusiastic, not to mention there were a few dancing queens as well.  It was truly a very rewarding experience.

On October 10 STREETCORNER played for the Jackson Moose Lodge #156.  Oh What A Night!
These people really know how to party and party and party.  We are looking forward to going back very soon.  I'll keep you posted on definite dates, so stay tuned.


                                                PARTYING WITH STREETCORNER



                                              EVERYBODY NEEDS A SHORT BREAK

                                     OUR CHEERING TEAM - CHRISTIE, JACKIE & JAN

Keep in touch with us and we'll keep you up to date on what's going on with STREETCORNER.

Jackie & Bob


Monday, August 17, 2015

STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS... By Jackie Aug. 18, 2015

                                            STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS... By Jackie

Our bookings only surpass the fun we have been having.  If Dream Cruise week lasted any longer I don't believe that any of us would still be standing.  It's been great !  It's been fun ! It's been HOT !

The long established and extremely popular Hunter House on Woodward Ave., in Birmingham asked us to play on Thursday, Aug. 13 as part of their Dream Cruise Week celebration.

Hot Cars...........Honks.......Squealing Tires.....Car Lovers.....Hot Rods......and Hot Weather !!!!!
Boy oh Boy, did we ever Rock.  We played all of the favorite Motown tunes and anything relative to Oldies But Goodies.  

Oh yes, we also ate their world famous sliders.  I can easily see why they have been in business for so many years.  It's always popular and crowded with anxious and hungry slider lovers.  Bob and I loved them.  We often stop on our way home from a gig at a White Castle for our slider fix during the wee hours of the night.   Sometimes we order more than we should but NEVER reheat them the next day.   UG................  It seems like such a good idea at the time, but after 3 we start regretting our decision.
  I know that I do, for sure.  It sounds so yummy at the time...............

Dan's family came for awhile along with their new foreign exchange student. 

                                     Oh No.....I think we have a photo bomber in our midst.

Saturday, August 15 we played for the Waterford Pontiac Elks Dream Cruise Party.  Wowie !!
Another performance of the Poodle Skirt and bobby sox.  I'm glad to be able to retire them for another year.  I have to admit that it gets a little toasty in the summer heat.  Yikes !!
"The Boy From New York City" wasn't there, but I think most of Waterford was.
Thanks Harlen Lantz and your members for making such a cool poster.
               Our great friends, Barb, Sarah and Art.  Thanks so much for coming. Love you guys..
                     Kristin Barlow (Bob's daughter & my Stepdaughter) with Paul Malinowski (her fiancĂ©)
                                                                and their friends.
There's nothing better than having our awesome friends come to support our group.

                                                My incredible husband Bobby Carroll.
                                            Thanks for making me so happy and loved.
        Also..........thank you for allowing me the honor of being part of this wonderful group.

Our STREETCORNER family came over yesterday for a summer party get together. It's so much fun just having us all together to enjoy each others company on a family basis.  Not business.
No music.   No singing.   No pressure.  Just food and fun.   Love you guys so much.
                                                            SHUCK AND JIVE
Dan and Dawn Kuchar and Bobby and I took the pontoon out later for some swimming and laughter.
Since I'm not a wonderful swimmer, my perfect idea is to float around on my noodle.
Yep, there we are.  THE BEST OF SUMMER TIME !!
Stay tuned.................we're off for a couple of weeks but I'll most definitely catch you up soon.
In the meantime .....have a wonderful rest of your summer. 
I so appreciate your friendship and continuing support. 
Please feel free to leave me messages or comments here and I will be more than happy to respond if you leave me some means of communication.
Love and Friendship,

Thursday, July 23, 2015


                      STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS.....By Jackie

"Hello Stranger" or so the song goes.   I guess that is an apology from me as I have been somewhat been sidetracked, or backsliding to a degree, if you will.   However, that isn't to say that STREETCORNER hasn't been exceptionally busy with performance gigs.  As a matter of fact,  I would have to say that our fan base has consistently grown geographically because of  the appreciative  raves and how the positive word spreads.  Which means that I have been consistently busy working on communicating with interested clients that have heard about the outstanding harmony of STREETCORNER. 

On July 11, STREETCORNER performed for the St. Clair Shores Moose.  " Betcha By Golly Wow", they loved us.  There are just some places that when you walk in you feel like, Ahhhh, home sweet home.  Such is the feeling for all of us when we perform there.  The friends, those friendly familiar faces and the feeling that you are always welcome.  Such a relaxed and comfortable feeling that is.  This is a place where you can let your hair down, so to speak and just have fun.  Oh my, and we did.  We even had a few very enthusiastic ladies put dollar bills into our very own  Dan Kuchar's clothing.  Yes, it's true, they did.  I may be guilty of priming the pot to begin with but the momentum caught on and the ladies got into the act with laughter and fun.  All in fun, of course.  Well a picture or several are worth a thousand words, so here they are in all of their glory.  This viewing is for adults only so please keep the children away.  LOL 

So this gives you a little idea of how much fun STREETCORNER has and how the crowd reacts to the group.  It's all in fun naturally.

                           We have our dear and long time friends Donna and Bill Buza dancing.

           This is our very own Leslie Cunningham and his beautiful lady Christie Jackson.

              This is our Evelyn Martin.  As always she is beautiful beyond words.

Our great friends Tom and Judy Jones and Donna and Bill Buza.
My Bobby and I
July 18, we played a wonderful group of people from our Filmel Johnsons neighborhood.
Naturally any friend of Filmel's, is a friend of ours and they treated us like they had known us for years.
Thanks to all of our new neighborhood friends.  It was great meeting you.
July 22, we performed for the Cromaine Hartland Library for their Summer Concert Series.
This was our first time there and we certainly hope not our last.  The evening was filled with sunshine and enthusiastic new friends.

Thanks so much for inviting us and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you.
Thank you friends for reading about our adventures.  We hope that your interest continues and our friendship is long and rewarding.
Until next time.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


                                     STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS,  By Jackie

So the song goes......."Betcha By Golly Wow..... meaning Wow, has STREETCORNER ever been busy.

Or the song......."Havin' A Party"....................meaning Wow, we have been partying and busy with many gigs. 

It seems that each month we are blessed with more and more interest in our group.  The only way to make this happen is to be the best we can be.  Our music is always fresh, the harmony is melodic and always clean.  The only way STREETCORNER can generate such an enormous following is their continuous strive for perfection.  Each member is not only talented but dedicated to their style and love for music.

We have been around !!!  How incredible it is to open up emails and receive correspondence regarding endless opportunities from interested clients that are all raving about the group.  Wow, word of mouth is most certainly the best recommendation a group could have.  Thank you....

When I say we have been around, I truly mean that in the most positive way.
The past two months we have been busy enough that my mind is working in overtime.  Yikes!

June 13, we performed for a very enthusiastic crowd at G. Subu's Leather Bottle in Livonia.
As always the food was great and the music OUTSTANDING.  Many of our loyal followers were there, along with some new friends.  It was a fun filled evening.


                                  THE LOVELY JAN AND THE ONE AND ONLY FILMEL

June 27 STREETCORNER had the awesome privilege of performing for the 60th Anniversary of the Thunderbird car.  Water Wonderland Thunderbird Club hired us to celebrate with them and believe was in style.  


I have NEVER had so many enthusiastic people approach me with praise and accolades on the group.  Heart Swell ????   Oh yes, it does !!  I am extremely proud to be part of this group and these people. 

Can I say we danced and they rocked?????  




                                                           JACKIE AND BOBBY

Thanks T-Bird Club for giving us the opportunity to show our stuff.  We had a great time and met so many new and wonderful friends that we hope to stay in contact with. 

Be sure to follow our schedule on our newly updated website   

We look forward to seeing you at one of our gigs in the near future.

Until then,