Thursday, October 22, 2015


                   STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS  -  By Jackie  10/22/15

                                                  Hello friends of STREETCORNER
 I hope this blog finds you all happy, healthy, wise  and getting ready for another Michigan winter.  I don't know what Mother Nature has in store for us but I can tell you this......... .......
                                                     SUMMER WAS WONDERFUL 
 STREETCORNER was busy all summer long with festivals, library events, The Dream Cruise, and nightclubs.  It was hard to keep track of our schedule and everyone up to speed on where to be.

Ahhhhh, fall has arrived and along with it the smell of burning leaves and open fires.  Not to mention taking the boats out of the water and getting everything ready for that LONG winter.

                                                 Good bye pontoon.  Hello fall leaves.

Hello Mia......Prior to our next mentioned event I attended a Fund Raising Greyhound Event and had put together a "Marvelous Darling - Fashion Show Extravaganza"

This little darling is none other than our very own Mia.  She was one of the models that displayed the extraordinary fashionable attire.  Because I rushed from one event to the next, Mia also attended the
STREETCORNER gig.  There wasn't a pair of hands that didn't pet her and make over her.

September 13 we played for the Henry Ford Village Senior Living Complex.  They were so appreciative and enthusiastic, not to mention there were a few dancing queens as well.  It was truly a very rewarding experience.

On October 10 STREETCORNER played for the Jackson Moose Lodge #156.  Oh What A Night!
These people really know how to party and party and party.  We are looking forward to going back very soon.  I'll keep you posted on definite dates, so stay tuned.


                                                PARTYING WITH STREETCORNER



                                              EVERYBODY NEEDS A SHORT BREAK

                                     OUR CHEERING TEAM - CHRISTIE, JACKIE & JAN

Keep in touch with us and we'll keep you up to date on what's going on with STREETCORNER.

Jackie & Bob