Monday, March 30, 2015


                                             STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS... By Jackie

Who knew that when you start writing a BLOG it could become a passion?
You could be writing about cooking, a specific dog breed, yourself and your life or perhaps a musical group that inspired you.  Each one of us have things that make us smile and things that we feel very strongly about.  To be able to translate those feelings to another person with the same passion you feel independently isn't simple.  My feelings about rescuing dogs in need is enormous.  We have 5 rescue dogs and each one has his/her own story.  I also work very hard with a Greyhound rescue group as their Public Relations Director.  These are definitely passionate issues for me. 
Then I met a man that sang with a Motown group.  The name of this group is STREETCORNER. 
I met, fell in love and married this man.
But, the passion had only just begun.
Getting to know people as friends is another story.  That is where the real passion begins.
Becoming a family with these friends is more than I expected. 
Love is built on respect.  Respect is shared and continually built on.
If you are a first time reader of our blog, thank you and I hope you continue.
If you are a continuing reader that follows our group, thank you.
If you would like to send me a note, please do as I would absolutely love to hear from you.
So now, my mission here is to keep you up to speed with the comings and goings of STREETCORNER.
With that said, I am going to summarize two weeks of events into one blog message.
On Saturday, March 21 STREETCORNER played at Airway Lanes in Waterford.
We had a family birthday celebration for Kristin Barlow with numerous family and friends in attendance. 
In addition to our birthday girl Kristin Barlow we had Dawn Kuchar come as well.  Dawn is the sweet and fun wife of Dan....(Dan the Band Man) from our group.  It was truly a fun and special treat to have Dawn come.  We hope that she comes again soon.
Don't they just make you want to jump out of your seat and dance ??
That's him.....That's my guy !!
Saturday, March 28 we played at one of our favorite spots.  Have you ever been to the Springfield Inn in Davisburg?   If you haven't,  be sure to try it.  It's a very small, cozy and friendly establishment.  Jay, our host always makes us feel not only special but very welcome among his friends.
It's always a fun evening at the Springfield Inn.
As a matter of fact...........this couple got engaged after spending a romantic evening with STREETCORNER last month at the Springfield Inn.  Congratulations to you !  Yippee !!
Now if that doesn't speak for passion,  I don't know how to convince you any more.
We all grow, we move, we mature.....yet love and friendship keeps us together.
Life may change us physically but our love for life and for each other keeps our spirits young.
Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.  Maybe you developed a tiny little bit more insight into who we are and what we are all about.
Until next time, take care of each other.



Wednesday, March 18, 2015


                                   STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS,  By Jackie  3/18/15

It's too late to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick Day and slightly early to extend Easter Greetings.
Regardless of the date on the calendar or whether there is still a little snow on the ground, it's
So, I wish to say to you HAPPY ALMOST SPRING !!
Lets just say that if you are following STREETCORNER you would have to admit that we are a very busy group.  With dates at various establishments just about every weekend, it would be appropriate to agree that we are a very popular and highly sought after vocal group.
Last Saturday, March 14, 2015 STREETCORNER appeared again at G. Subu's Leather Bottle in Livonia.
If you haven't been there personally, I would suggest you try it.  The food is great and whenever STREETCORNER is there, you can most definitely count on music to swoon on.

Holy Smokes Jackie,  I do believe that Bobby is dancing with another lady.
This little cutie is the granddaughter of our dear friend Jan.  Mia and Bobby seemed to hit it off quite  nicely on the dance floor.  You better watch out Jackie !!
We always meet the nicest people when we are performing. 

Oh- Oh, here is Bobby's dance partner, Mia again with her Grandma Jan and her mom. 

Our great friends Mary, Brenda, Nicki & Chester are often seen partying on and off the dance floor.
They are all so much fun.  Thanks for bringing all the friends to boogie with us.

Oh My.....Is this really the "60 Minute Man?"  Sing it Les.  The ladies love it.

                              "The Boy From New York City", sung by the fabulous Evelyn Martin.

                            Please join us this coming Saturday, March 21 at Airway Lanes
                                  (4825 Highland Rd., Waterford  248-674-0424)  8:30-12:30
           for another great evening filled with classic Motown music by STREETCORNER.  

We look forward to seeing you all soon.  Thank you once again for following our "STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS" BLOG. 

It is my hope that you see how special this group is and are inclined to visit us personally and also to continue reading and following us online.

Enjoy the sunshine,

  Another sunny day photo thrown in to reassure you that there will be sunny and warm days ahead.

Monday, March 9, 2015

STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS...By Jackie Carroll 3/9/15

                              STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS..  By Jackie Carroll  3/9/15

                              Welcome to our latest STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS Blog. 

Last Saturday evening, March 7 STREETCORNER performed at G. Subu's Leather Bottle in Livonia.  We enjoyed great food and friends.  The location is perfect for so many friends to come for a nice dinner and stay for the entertainment.  Our host and owner of Subu's - Johnny, is incredibly friendly and accommodating.  He always makes sure that we have just the right table and that our friends are treated well. 

We will be back at G. Subu's Leather Bottle this Saturday, March 14 from 7:30 - 11:30.
The address is 20300 Farmington Rd., Livonia ( 8 Mile and Farmington Rd.)  248-474 2420.

Come out and enjoy an evening with us.  It's always fun and you sure can't beat the classic sound of our Motown music.



Did you know that most members of the group STREETCORNER has been together for over 30 years?
A couple new members have been added within the past 10 years, but I believe that truly says  something about the class and character of a group?   Most groups fall apart because of attitudes and disagreements but STREETCORNER is a class act.  There aren't any diva's or stars with STREETCORNER.  Each member is totally dedicated to creating a harmonic and classic Motown show.    

                  Come out and check us out for yourself..............We would love to see you !!!


Ok, so I'm slightly premature with the summer picture, but isn't it nice to know that the sun is shining right now and soon....SOON..... the weather will break and we can actually put away the snow shovels, boots, winter coats and enjoy the warm rays of the sun??  

If you are interested in hiring STREETCORNER for you next event - we would love to talk.
How about a summer party with the finger poppin music of STREETCORNER streaming through the open windows.

FYI.....those are 3 of our 5 dogs.  Your left to right is Eddie - Hazel & Sophie.  They each anxiously await the nice days and the arrival of their pontoon boat once again.

We'll see you this Saturday, March 14  at G. Subu's Leather Bottle.



Saturday, March 7, 2015

STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS, By Jackie........March 7, 2015

                        STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS,  By Jackie  3/7/15

STREETCORNER performed for a small but very enthusiastic crowd on Saturday, February 28, at The Springfield Inn Bar & Grill in Davisburg.
It is so welcoming and friendly to walk into a facility and have everyone hug you and make you feel so special and welcome.  This is exactly the way the clientele at the Springfield Inn treat STREETCORNER.  Our host, Jay always has a smile and a hug for all of us.
Our host Jay.  Thanks so much Jay.
The handsome and talented Les Cunningham crooning to the ladies.

The lovely and talented Evelyn singing "The Boy From New York City".
Wow, can she ever sing it.
We have been asked by our host to return once again, March 28, Saturday.
The address is 10197 Dixie Hwy., Davisburg 48350
248- 620 9168
I know this has absolutely NOTHING to do with where we are playing, but..........
Today is our (Bobby Carroll and my) 6 week wedding anniversary.
Wow, it doesn't seem possible.  After months of planning it all seems so distant.
We had a family wedding celebration party at our home last Sunday and naturally our family STREETCORNER was there.
They sang a few songs and made the party more special with their classy presence. 

Evelyn and Filmel sporting the required Hawaiian Lei.

                                    Les the outgoing Social Butterfly chatting with Kristin and Paul.
Dan the Man playing the piano for the group to sing along with.
You Rock Dan !!

                                                        My Bobby & I.....dressed alike.  LOL
                                                                He's such a good sport.
                                               We even dressed the 5 dogs up for the occasion.
                                                                Sorry No Picture.

So as you can easily see, STREETCORNER is much more than a vocal Motown group.
                                                        We stick together.  We are family.

                                                     Thank you for reading our blog.
                                                                 Until next week.
                                                   Be kind and make someone smile today.
                                                                     Jackie Carroll