Sunday, April 19, 2015


                                     STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS.....By Jackie

Can we ever have too much of a good thing?  Could we possibly grow tired of all the exceptional things that we experience?  Can you become bored with awesome?

I've asked myself these and numerous other similar questions over time when life is especially wonderful.   These are the times when there could be a remote inkling that one might just overlook the magnificence of every day.

                      LIFE IS CERTAINLY WONDERFUL RIGHT NOW.......

FRIENDS become part of your heartbeat.  You count on them to be with you when you need them.  They're there for the good times and stick with you during the rough spots.  People with substance and character will share many years of your life along side of you.

My husband is my best friend.  I not only love him, but I know he will understand and love me regardless of my physical or financial stature.  He is an amazing man.

My husband is a very intricate part of STREETCORNER.  To my knowledge Bob has been with STREETCORNER for over 30 years.  In this day and age, just the longevity itself is impressive. 

Speaking of impressive............did I mention that STREETCORNER was at G. Subu's Leather Bottle in Livonia, Michigan  on April 11?  The night was especially memorable to me because some of my old friends from my Greyhound rescue group came to hear the Sha La La and the DooWop Ditties from STREETCORNER.  They came - They listened - They danced - They loved it.

Our beautiful neighbor Eliska  came with us that evening.  Thanks Ellie, it was great.

The lovely lady on the left is Lisa.  Lisa is the daughter of our very own Les.  Lisa came with a couple of her girl buddies.  As always, Lisa is delightful and very friendly.  We look forward to her coming and spending time with us.  She is also a very talented lady herself.

We danced. ..... Then we danced some more. 
Seriously Les......are you really the "60 Minute Man?"

                            Did I hear someone ask for the song....."Jump - Jive and Wail" ?
                                         Come on Bobby, sing it to me.  I know you want to.

I think I just heard   The Love Train.
Holy Cow...and then.....we danced some more......... and some more.  The night was young.

                       The weather was so magnificent that I even bought and planted some pansies.
                                            They have such sweet faces looking back at you.
                                                                Ahhhhh, spring is in the air.


When I speak of life and it's magnificence, I am specifically directing that to the beauty of every day.
These pictures speak volumes relative to the magnificence of every day.  We hope that we never tire of the incredible awakening of each morning.  Day after day after day.

Life is short.....Live it with grace and gratitude.   Live it like it was your last.

Be sure to visit STREETCORNER next Saturday, April 26 for their Doo Wop & Dinner evening at Duckett's Sports Bar.....325 W. Walton Blvd., (corner of Telegraph and Walton..SE corner)
We will be there from 5-9.  Perfect evening out my friend.

If ever you are out and about and happen to see me, please introduce yourself.    Let me know who you are so I can say hello.  I look forward to meeting you one day.   

Each day is beautiful and filled with something special.  I hope that I can continue to see all of life as beautiful as it truly is.  It's a gift to be treasured.

Until next time.......................