Monday, November 10, 2014


                                                Hello and Welcome to the 6th edition of
                                                   " STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS"


Thank you for following STREETCORNER, Michigan's Best Classic MoTown Group.
We are always excited to know that you are reading about us and welcome your comments.

This past Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014 we spent in Kalamazoo, Mi. at the
Michigan Festivals & Events Association & Foundation 22nd Annual Convention.
The convention was held at the Radisson Plaza Hotel.  Bobby and I stayed there overnight to avoid the drive home after a 9:30 pm performance.  Some of the group also stayed, while others opted to make the evening return home drive. 

STREETCORNER was represented by Agent, David Pace who made all of the arrangements for us. David had an awesome booth set up to display our video, a poster, CD's, DVD's, and literature. 
He did a wonderful job of representing us and we are so grateful.  This gave us a wonderful opportunity to meet with so many wonderful people that arrange their festivals and events for the coming year.  We had a ball !!

As you can see by the pictures, we had so much fun and met some great people that were there scheduling their entertainment for 2015.
This lovely lady was one of the members of a committee that selects entertainment for her area.

STREETCORNER put on an engaging performance that was high energy and made the entire convention hall want to "Jump Jive and Wail".  .........Well, actually they did.

Holy Rock n Roll....they were even dancing with the dummy. Wow !

"Oh What A Night" it was.  STREETCORNER really Wowed them. 

Our very own Les at his best. The ladies always swoon over his deep voice.  Oh yes they do indeed !!

This is our Evelyn and her fiancé Kevan having fun after the STREETCORNER performance.
It was time to relax and have a good time.

                                                            Can you say SOCK HOP ? 
After the Showcase was over there was a Sock Hop.  Oh My !!!
Bobby & I remember going to Sock Hops in the past, but this was slightly different.  But, then again I would imagine that was because we were on the older side of the crowd.
                   But we stayed.......and danced.....and danced....and danced some more.

No that isn't us. 

                                                           This looks more like it.

The show was fantastic and we would like to thank David Pace for inviting STREETCORNER to be represented by his agency and showcase their talents.

I hope you continue to follow STREETCORNER and our STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS.
My name is Jackie and I look forward to bringing you the next edition.

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  1. It was fun. Not only did we play for the decision makers, but also renewed our ties with agents that haven't used us in a while.