Tuesday, February 17, 2015


                                         STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS,   by Jackie   February 17, 2015


  Happy belated Valentines Day to everyone.  From all of our STREETCORNER family to you.

STREETCORNER played for the Waterford Elks #810 on Saturday, February 14 for their Valentines Day Dinner Dance.  I have to say that we met the most welcoming and friendly crowd anyone could ever ask for.  All of us with STREETCORNER are looking forward to performing for this awesome membership again. 

We danced, ate and had a great time.

                                        STREETCORNER was their usual amazing selves.

                                            Boy can they dance.  Wowie Zowie !!

                                This lady was the decoration person - and what a great job she did.

                                      Oh my, what a cool couple.  Can't wait to see them again.

                                                We met the nicest people.  Love them.     
Thanks so much Harlen Lantz for giving STREETCORNER the opportunity to show off our stuff.

                                                        We all enjoyed ourselves.
                                           Our lovely Evelyn and her fiancé Kevan.

Sometimes friends that we meet along with STREETCORNER become much more than acquaintances.  They become part of your family.  Jan is one of them.  My buddy - My friend.

This is my husband Bob.....he has been with STREETCORNER for more years than I can count.
This was our very first event together as husband and wife.  Wowie !!  We have been together for over 2 years, but just returned from our wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii.  Bobby and I work together on all of the STREETCORNER events.  We each have our own roles and as you can see the blog is my prize possession.  I absolutely love bringing you all of our new events and what's going on with us.  We truly hope that you enjoy following us as much as I enjoy presenting it to you.

Much of our success as a group depends on how fans accept us and appreciate what we bring to you.
The STREETCORNER music is classy and high energy.  When you want to listen and swoon to the 50's music, all you have to do is put on one of our CD's and dance when no one is looking. 
I know I do !!!   There isn't a day that I don't put on my dancing shoes or maybe just my socks and dance across the floor.  Sometimes the dogs like to join in and add to the music, but it's all good.

The next time you see me and you want to dance alone to some oldies, let me know as I always have a stack of CD's for sale.  Don't be shy,  just ask.  I'll look for you.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.  Until then.........................

                                                         DANCE - DANCE - DANCE
                                                                      Bob & Jackie

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