Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Welcome to the 3rd. edition of our new blog
                                               "STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS"


I'm Jackie and I have to tell you that  being part of this EXTRAORDINARY group is truly an honor. 
Did you know that some of group members have been singing together for over 30 years?  We're won't even talk about how old anyone is because age is merely a number.  What is most impressive about the members of STREETCORNER is that these harmonious artists absolutely love what they do.  You can see it just by watching them,  as each member is blessed with the ability to entertain and interact.

This past weekend, on Saturday October 18 we had the pleasure of performing at The Falcons "Sweetest Day Dance".   The dance took place at the Msgr. Hunt K of C Hall in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.     What a great evening it was !!
As you can see by the pictures below a fun time was had by all. 

                   "OH WHAT A NIGHT"
We also celebrated the birthday of Bob Carroll who turned the ripe old age of ___?  
Oh that's right, age is just a number and hardly relevant to Bobby as he is full of life, energy, and song.
We partied, boogied and enjoyed spending the evening with great friends.
Oh that's right......we also ate brownies. 
Have you ever tried to draw a trumpet on top of frosting while using little squeeze tubes?
Ahhh yes, there's our birthday boy.  Happy Birthday Bobby.
We had the pleasure of having Mike Walli and his lovely lady Kathleen join us at the
 Sweetest Day Dance. 
Mike is a member of Street Heart, a Detroit Doo Wop group.
It was great seeing both of you. Thanks for coming Mike and Kathleen.
This coming Sunday, October 26 STREETCORNER will be at
 Duckett's Sports Pub for another Doo Wop and Dinner. 
The show starts at 5 pm and ends at 9 pm.  What a perfect time for a Sunday evening outing.
Come join us for great music, dancing and some awesome Doo Wop.
325 West Walton Blvd., Pontiac
248- 334 6222   FYI.. You might want to make reservations as every month we pack Duckett's with fans, friends and dancers.
If you have a party coming up and are looking for incredible entertainment, keep us in mind.
Whether it's a reunion, wedding, birthday or just a small get together we can assure your evening to be a hit.
Call Bob Carroll @  586- 855 6272
Until next week I will say good bye  and wish you a healthy and happy week.
Oh yes, that would be our Birthday Boy and me.

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