Monday, October 27, 2014


Welcome to my 4th edition of our new blog

                                                 "STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS"

GREETINGS, my name is Jackie and once again I will be your host and blog composer.

Since I've become a part of the STREETCORNER family, I've learned much about integrity, class and talent.  Did you know that most talented people are NOT pretentious or showy people?  They never brag about their abilities, nor are they pompous and highfaluting.  THEY ARE REAL AND DISPLAY only a genuine love for their craft. 

I'm so proud to have become a family member of this talented and genuine assembly of talent.

Last evening -  Saturday,  October 26,  STREETCORNER performed at Duckett's Sports Pub in Pontiac for our monthly Doo Wop and Dinner.  STREETCORNER has a reappearance date to perform the last Sunday of each month. 
The crowd returns each month to hear their favorite MoTown music, dance, eat and party.  I've personally met some wonderful people that I believe will be in my life for many years to come.
Join us for incredible music, great food and once in a lifetime friends.

STREETCORNER rocked the building.  See photos below...................

We even had CELEBRITIES in our midst as well. 
We were privileged to have the  lovely and talented Lisa aka Les Cunningham's daughter aka as LaRae Starr.  LaRae Starr is a well known and very talented singer / songwriter that hails from the Detroit area.  LaRae Starr has appeared on stage with Sheila E,  Alexander O'Neal and the late Tito Puente'.
It was truly an honor and very exciting to have her.

Also in the mix and along with LaRae Starr was Terry Washington an extremely well known and talented Base Player from the Detroit area. 

They added even more class and talent to our already fantastic evening.  It was such a pleasure to meet and talk with both of them.  I do believe that they will stay tuned.

Next Saturday, November 1,  STREETCORNER will be back at Airway Lanes, 4825 Highland Rd., Waterford from 8:30 -12:30. 
If you are looking for excellent CLASSIC MOTOWN music, you've found it with STREETCORNER.
Hey.................I'll be there so come out to see us.  Stop by, I would absolutely love to meet you and chat.
One never knows who will stop by so come on out.
I hope you have a SPOOKY Halloween and I look forward to seeing you soon.


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