Tuesday, December 16, 2014


                                   STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS, DECEMBER 16, 2014

                              Welcome to our 9th edition of "STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS". 

STREETCORNER would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday, from all of us to all of you.
During the Christmas season we know how life can be hectic and busy.  We hope that you are able to take some time for yourself and enjoy the things in life that are truly important.  Family and friendships are always the first things that come to mind when we put priorities in order.  The friends that we've made through music and reaching out to new people that come to listen to STREETCORNER have added additional blessings to our already full and wonderful lives.  We hope that you feel as enhanced and blessed as we do after meeting and getting to know us. 
Our schedule has been so full with weekend shows that it's rare for us to have a Saturday evening off.  How incredible to look over our monthly schedule and see that there are so many repeat jobs and through those,  many new opportunities added.  I cannot tell you how the word of mouth and positive recommendations help us to continue to build the reputation of this fantastic group. 
This past Saturday, December 13, 2014 STREETCORNER played at a new venue for us.  Springfield Inn Bar and Grill in Davisburg was a first for us, yet not the last.  The crowd loved STREETCORNER so much that we have been invited back to play on Feb. 28 and March 28 from 8:30-11:30 both evenings.  The address is 10197 Dixie Hwy., Davisburg, Mi. 
The Springfield Inn isn't a large place but it's certainly a place with a large heart.  The owner, Jay Kais treated us like old friends and introduced us to many of his regular crowd.  We all danced together like we had been friends for years.  Such warm welcomes are so appreciated when you walk into a completely new arena.

                                                              Our host Jay Kais.

Jay and some of his regular crowd.  Awesome people !!
 Jay and the birthday boy that was turning 21 that day.  Wow, Happy Birthday.  It's always fun to be able to share these special times with new friends.  We look forward to seeing you again soon.
STREETCORNER  ...........Rockin the evening.
The one and only Les dancing for the crowd.  Is he really the "60 Second Man"?????
Dan the Man showing the crowd his stuff.
Evelyn was a huge crowd hit as always. 
Thank you Jay and friends for receiving STREETCORNER with open and friendly arms during our evening with you.  We all look forward to returning on Feb. 28.
This coming Saturday, Dec. 20 we will be at Airway Lanes, 8:30-12:30.  The address is 4825 Highland Rd. ,  Waterford.   Come on out and enjoy the evening with us.
Until then, have a wonderful week.
See you soon,  Jackie

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  1. Springfield Inn was a blast. Great crowd, looking forward to the next dates.