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If I had a nickel for every time someone complimented STREETCORNER on the music, style, class or what a great evening they provided......WE WOULD BE RICH IN FINANCIAL WEALTH !!

What we are rich in is commitment, friendship, loyalty and the  wonderful feeling of family. 
In reality, it doesn't get any better than that.

We had such an exciting and rewarding Post Thanksgiving Weekend.  You can only imagine what a relieved feeling it is to know that you have loyal friends that are willing to come out to support you at your events.  Especially when there are so many other bands, dances and other options available to them.  How can you explain the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing their smiling faces walk through the door in support of their favorite MoTown group?  Words aren't easy.

Such a terrific weekend just passed and I would love to share a tiny bit of it with you.

Saturday, Nov, 29 STREETCORNER played at Airway Lanes in Waterford.
We had birthday and anniversary celebrations that  STREETCORNER honored and became part of.
It is always a pleasure to acknowledge friends that share those special days with us.
                                                  THANK YOU !

Here is the birthday girl June dancing with her friends to the music of STREETCORNER.
Happy Birthday June, we're so glad you and your friends enjoyed the evening with us.
Darlene and Gary celebrated their Wedding Anniversary with us as well.
Happy Anniversary to you from STREETCORNER.

The lady in the gray shirt is Sheila.  She manages Airway Lanes and is the person that books us.
Thanks so much Sheila, you ROCK !!
As always STREETCORNER rocked the night away.

Sing it Les.  He's the   "60 Minute Man"

Go Bobby Go, " Rockin Robin"  at it's finest.

Here they are..................STREETCORNER, singing to you.

Along comes Sunday night, November 30 the very next evening.
Duckett's Sports Pub in Pontiac with the monthly Doo Wop And Dinner .
Another spectacular evening filled with more birthdays and celebrations.

Here we have our beautiful friend Jan with her friend Bob enjoying food and music.

Like I said, they have great food.  Filmel munches on one of their sliders.  Go Filmel.
We always enjoy the great company of Jan.  She is such a lovely lady.

 Did I tell you that she helped me pick out a WEDDING DRESS for my upcoming wedding to Bobby?  Such a great friend she is.  I am so blessed and grateful.

Did I ever mention that my Bobby Carroll learned and dedicated a beautiful song on his trumpet for me?  The name of it is  "To The Aisle".   Every time he plays it I feel so loved.  Here he is playing this special tune.  Thank you Bobby.

"Rockin Robin" sung by the one and only Bobby Carroll.

The beautiful Evelyn Martin can sing  "Crazy" like no one else. 

Sing it to me Filmel.

Thank you once again for taking a moment to browse through our weekend.

 We hope that you join us next Saturday, December 6 at the St. Clair Shores Moose for their annual Christmas Party
.(3378 Harper Ave., Clinton Township, 48035)  STREETCORNER plays from 7:00-12:30 so come join us for a fun evening.
I know it will be spectacular. 

Until then, have a wonderful week.

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