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STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS, By Jackie........March 7, 2015

                        STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS,  By Jackie  3/7/15

STREETCORNER performed for a small but very enthusiastic crowd on Saturday, February 28, at The Springfield Inn Bar & Grill in Davisburg.
It is so welcoming and friendly to walk into a facility and have everyone hug you and make you feel so special and welcome.  This is exactly the way the clientele at the Springfield Inn treat STREETCORNER.  Our host, Jay always has a smile and a hug for all of us.
Our host Jay.  Thanks so much Jay.
The handsome and talented Les Cunningham crooning to the ladies.

The lovely and talented Evelyn singing "The Boy From New York City".
Wow, can she ever sing it.
We have been asked by our host to return once again, March 28, Saturday.
The address is 10197 Dixie Hwy., Davisburg 48350
248- 620 9168
I know this has absolutely NOTHING to do with where we are playing, but..........
Today is our (Bobby Carroll and my) 6 week wedding anniversary.
Wow, it doesn't seem possible.  After months of planning it all seems so distant.
We had a family wedding celebration party at our home last Sunday and naturally our family STREETCORNER was there.
They sang a few songs and made the party more special with their classy presence. 

Evelyn and Filmel sporting the required Hawaiian Lei.

                                    Les the outgoing Social Butterfly chatting with Kristin and Paul.
Dan the Man playing the piano for the group to sing along with.
You Rock Dan !!

                                                        My Bobby & I.....dressed alike.  LOL
                                                                He's such a good sport.
                                               We even dressed the 5 dogs up for the occasion.
                                                                Sorry No Picture.

So as you can easily see, STREETCORNER is much more than a vocal Motown group.
                                                        We stick together.  We are family.

                                                     Thank you for reading our blog.
                                                                 Until next week.
                                                   Be kind and make someone smile today.
                                                                     Jackie Carroll

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