Monday, March 30, 2015


                                             STREETCORNER HAPPENINGS... By Jackie

Who knew that when you start writing a BLOG it could become a passion?
You could be writing about cooking, a specific dog breed, yourself and your life or perhaps a musical group that inspired you.  Each one of us have things that make us smile and things that we feel very strongly about.  To be able to translate those feelings to another person with the same passion you feel independently isn't simple.  My feelings about rescuing dogs in need is enormous.  We have 5 rescue dogs and each one has his/her own story.  I also work very hard with a Greyhound rescue group as their Public Relations Director.  These are definitely passionate issues for me. 
Then I met a man that sang with a Motown group.  The name of this group is STREETCORNER. 
I met, fell in love and married this man.
But, the passion had only just begun.
Getting to know people as friends is another story.  That is where the real passion begins.
Becoming a family with these friends is more than I expected. 
Love is built on respect.  Respect is shared and continually built on.
If you are a first time reader of our blog, thank you and I hope you continue.
If you are a continuing reader that follows our group, thank you.
If you would like to send me a note, please do as I would absolutely love to hear from you.
So now, my mission here is to keep you up to speed with the comings and goings of STREETCORNER.
With that said, I am going to summarize two weeks of events into one blog message.
On Saturday, March 21 STREETCORNER played at Airway Lanes in Waterford.
We had a family birthday celebration for Kristin Barlow with numerous family and friends in attendance. 
In addition to our birthday girl Kristin Barlow we had Dawn Kuchar come as well.  Dawn is the sweet and fun wife of Dan....(Dan the Band Man) from our group.  It was truly a fun and special treat to have Dawn come.  We hope that she comes again soon.
Don't they just make you want to jump out of your seat and dance ??
That's him.....That's my guy !!
Saturday, March 28 we played at one of our favorite spots.  Have you ever been to the Springfield Inn in Davisburg?   If you haven't,  be sure to try it.  It's a very small, cozy and friendly establishment.  Jay, our host always makes us feel not only special but very welcome among his friends.
It's always a fun evening at the Springfield Inn.
As a matter of fact...........this couple got engaged after spending a romantic evening with STREETCORNER last month at the Springfield Inn.  Congratulations to you !  Yippee !!
Now if that doesn't speak for passion,  I don't know how to convince you any more.
We all grow, we move, we mature.....yet love and friendship keeps us together.
Life may change us physically but our love for life and for each other keeps our spirits young.
Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.  Maybe you developed a tiny little bit more insight into who we are and what we are all about.
Until next time, take care of each other.



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